Casement Window

casement windows

Casement Windows Casement windows open outward, to the left or right, and are hinged on the side. One, two, three, four, or five-lite configurations are offered and are designed for openings that are taller than they are wide. Why Choose Casement Windows? Casement windows are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials. […]

Bay Window

bay window

Bay Window A bay window is a type of window that extends outwards from a house’s fascade.From the outside, it appears to be a decorative addition to the house.However, from the inside, it resembles a bay in the ocean: a little entrance that is somewhat isolated from the main expanse.In addition, if you need a […]

Sash Window

sash window

Sash Window Sash windows are vertically opening windows that are commonly associated with traditional architecture & design. Available in single hung (one sliding panel) or double hung (two sliding panels), sash windows are the perfect way to improve airflow and add character to your home. This design was created in England in the mid-late 17th […]

Laminated Glass vs Double Glazing

Laminated vs double glazing

Which One Is Better: Double Glazed Or Laminated Glass? With energy costs in Australia being as expensive as they are, many home owners are realising their regular windows aren’t enough to achieve the energy efficiency there require. Traditional single pane glass windows allows too much air to escape and this translates into higher heating/cool loss […]

Different Types of Windows

DIFFERENT TYPES OF WINDOWS Different window styles offer different openings. They can also vary in importance based on your individual needs. Ventilation opportunities are increased with larger opening areas while improved security is provided by smaller openings. When choosing windows for your home, it is also useful to consider your maintenance needs and energy efficient […]

Casement Vs Sash Windows

Casement Window

Casement Vs Sash Windows: What’s The Difference? Sash Window Casement Window Both casement and sash windows can be used with a variety of architectural styles and are commonly used on houses in Australia. Casement windows have actually been around for longer than sash windows, with history dating back as far as medieval times. However, they […]

What is a Double Glazed Window


What is a Double Glazed Window Double glazed windows are insulated glass units (IGU). The IGU has several glass panes in the one window system. These are generally double glazed, that is, with two panes of glass. A still layer of gas or air and a spacer separate the glass panes in these systems. Did […]

How to Cover Broken Window Temporarily

boardup window

How to Cover a Broken Window Temporarily It’s unfortunate, but one day your window could be perfectly fine and the next there is a crack in it. When this occurs, you will likely be stressing out about what you should do to cover it up. This panic will only set in more if you are […]

Cost of Window Glass Replacement

Cost of WIndow Glass Repairs

Cost of Window Glass Replacement Have you got a broken window which needs to be repaired? The cost of window glass replacement can vary depending on various factors. Knowing what influences the costs can help you budget for the repairs or replacement. The rate for window glass repairs can range range from $150 all the […]

How to measure glass for window glass replacement

measure glass for replacement

How to Measure Glass For Replacement It’s crucial that the glass is measured properly before installation. A pane of glass that is too large won’t fit in the window frame. A pane of glass too small will leave a gap and lead to vibrating windows. We will be show you how to measure the door […]