Terms & Conditions

This page sets out the terms and conditions for Primal Glass Replacement Pty Limited ABN 51 646 377 219 trading as Primal Glass Replacement & Primal Glass Replacement – Windows & Doors

  1. The Customer and the Company acknowledge this quotation embodies the whole agreement between them and supersedes all prior oral or written negotiations or communication by either party. The quotation shall not be varied unless such variation is in writing and signed by both parties.
  2. All quotation details shall be deemed to be correct and agreed to by the Customer upon signing the order and/or payment of
    deposit. The Company shall not be obliged to perform and undertake any work not specifically mentioned herein. Any extra work required or requested by the customer to effect completion of the contract shall be at additional cost to the Customer.
  3. The balance of payment is due on completion of works and paid to the Company. Should there be minor outstanding works at time of completion, the Company acknowledges the Customer’s right to withhold an amount equal to the value of the work still to be performed until such work is completed.
  4. Ownership of the goods supplied shall pass o the Customer upon payment in full of all amounts due to the Company under this quotation.
  5. Any delivery or installation date given is approximate only. No liabilities are accepted by the Company for delays due to materials shortages or circumstances beyond its control and its obligations to the Customer shall be suspended whilst such cause exists (e.g. poor weather conditions).
  6. In certain cases, existing window furnishings may not fit the window opening after the installation of your windows. The Company will not accept the cost of alterations of these furnishing unless responsibility for the refitting of them has been accepted within this quotation.
  7. No allowance is made in this quotation for any painting or staining on site including internal timber all wall linings.
  8. Battening of power lines (for SAFETY) is not the responsibility of the Company, Primal Glass Replacement will not be liable for any costs levied by the power companies
  9. In total window removal work, old windows in some cases cannot be taken out in whole.
  10. All effort is made by the Company to detect any existing structural faults at the worksite. However, any damage occurring during normal installation that results from existing structural faults, including aged or loose mortar, internally or externally, loose sill tiles, or the relocating of plumbing or electrical wiring, will incur added costs to the contract.
  11. The Company reserves the right to determine the final installation method as may be structurally necessary.
  12. Unless otherwise specified on the face of this contract, Primal Glass Replacement has not made provision for the obtaining of local statutory approval permits or provision, architectural drawings or Home Owners Warranty Insurance. Primal Glass Replacement will not be liable for any costs levied by these statutory authorities or costs incurred as a subsequence of having to comply with these authorities’ needs.
  13. Acceptance of this quotation by the Company is strictly subject to our works’ manager site inspection. Upon cancellation by the company of this quotation all monied paid by the Customer will be refunded.
  14. The Customer is entitled to terminated the agreement made by giving the Company written notice within ten days of the date that this agreement is make
  15. No allowance is made in this quotation for removal or refitting of any existing alarm systems., including reeds or switches associated with doors and windows
  16. Access
    This quotation is based on there being suitable close and easy access to carry the materials to the installation are.
    All necessary scaffold, lifting equipment (ie. Mechanical sucker or crane) and hoisting will be supplied at the expense of the customer unless the quote specifically mentions otherwise.

Licensed Glaziers
It is our guarantee to our customers that all our staff and contractors hold the appropriate licenses and insurance to be able to do the job. In NSW, a license for glazing work is only required when the value of the job exceeds $5000.
Our licensed glaziers –

Builders Responsibility

Any cutting, modification or making good of ceiling tiles, plaster, grids or bulkhead linings.
Please note that project timing can only start from receipt of written order and credit approval, if relevant. Lead times are also subject to the availability of exact site dimensions and confirmation of all finishes.
After the contract has been signed and measure has taken place, any additions or changes will be deemed a variation. Variations must be accepted in writing and a deposit paid

For more information about these terms & conditions, please contact us –

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Mailing address: 2 Beatrice st, Hustville NSW 2220