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24hr Door Glass Repair

Broken or cracked glass is a major hazard. To avoid injury, you should have it repaired as soon as possible and avoid handling broken glass.

Primal Glass Replacement are professionals when it comes to door glass replacement and we are familiar with all types of domestic, shopfront and commercial doors. As many doors have slightly different types of glass and a broad knowledge is required to install glass in doors. Our team of glaziers are qualified glass experts who can carry out any glass replacement for your windows and doors.

We can fix any glass related issues on a commercial or domestic door. Whether you have a small crack or a completely shattered door glass, we will attend to it immediately.

Safety glass which meets Australian standards

Glaziers at Primal Glass Replacement provide a variety of different types of safety glass for doors, which is designed to stop injury. We can install safety glass that meets the Australian Standard AS1288.


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There is no need to wait for a week or more when your glass needs to be replaced. Book an appointment today and have it done in the same day. We are here to help. Our glaziers are known for providing same day repairs and replacements.

Our team are equipped with the appropriate tools and expertise to handle all your door & window glass replacement needs. Our glaziers are fully licensed, highly-trained professionals with experience in all types of commercial and domestic doors.

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Sliding Door Glass Replacement


Unfortunately, we don’t do chip and scratch repairs on both domestic and commercial glass. The reason for this is because doing a glass repair in this way would make the glass uneven and distort the glass after it is polished.

Replacing glass on a door can vary depending on the type of door. The price for door glass insert for a timber door could be as low as $200. While a sliding door glass replacement will cost $500 to $800. Customers will be pleased to know that Primal Glass Replacement will beat ANY quote!

Areas of your home that are prone to accidents, such as windows and mirrors, are required to be fitted with what is known as Grade A safety glass. This type of glass is tougher to break and won’t shatter into pieces like regular glass.