Which One Is Better: Double Glazed Or Laminated Glass?

With energy costs in Australia being as expensive as they are, many home owners are realising their regular windows aren’t enough to achieve the energy efficiency there require. Traditional single pane glass windows allows too much air to escape and this translates into higher heating/cool loss in the home.

One of the ways a home owner can mitigate this is to switch to laminated glass or double glazing at the same time they do a window glass replacement.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing involves adding an insulated layer between two separate glass panels, while laminated glass involves permanently bonding two distinct layers of glass. As opposed to an ordinary single pane of glass, double glazed windows are reinforced with an extra layer to provide extra strength.The most common option is a double glazed system, which usually includes the use of two frames, two glass panes, and two different thicknesses of glass. Go here to find out more about double glazed windows.

What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is made from a thin layer of glass bonded together by a material called an electroless nickel layer. The result is a glass panel that provides protection against moisture and other airborne contaminants, a state known as a tempered glass. The standard size for laminated glass is between 5 and 9mm in thickness compared with regular glass which is 3-4mm. You can find out more about laminated and toughened glass in this article.

What are the benefits of using double glazed windows?

Double glazing offers several significant advantages when it comes to reducing heat loss in the home. Firstly, the pane of glass has a thickened insulation layer, reducing heat loss when the windows are open. This insulation layer also protects the inner glass from UV radiation.

What are the benefits of using laminated glass?

Laminated glass offers great thermal insulation properties which enable you to take advantage of the potential savings in heating/cooling costs. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your home while offering energy efficiency, you can easily do this by switching to laminated glass.

Which one is better double glazed or laminated glass?

Both double glazing and laminated glass are better choices than regular glass when it comes to improving energy efficiency in your home.

Laminated glass is less expensive to install and hence has become a popular option in Sydney homes.

In terms of performance, double glazing exceeds laminated glass in terms of energy efficiency and acoustics (noise reduction).

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