Bay Window

bay window

A bay window is a type of window that extends outwards from a house’s fascade.
From the outside, it appears to be a decorative addition to the house.
However, from the inside, it resembles a bay in the ocean: a little entrance that is somewhat isolated from the main expanse.
In addition, if you need a five-minute escape from your family, it might be the perfect sheltered haven.


Why is it Called a Bay Window?

The word ‘baee’ is derived from an old French word that signifies ‘opening’ or ‘hole.’
Bay windows are a set of three or more windows that form a square, hexagonal, or octogonal shape that extends beyond an outer wall.
They create a compartment by angling out beyond the external wall.

History of the Bay Window

Bay windows originated in many mansions of the English Renaissance. They were traditionally placed at the end of a great hall and behind the raised dais that seated the lord of the home. Most of these early types were oriel windows and were usually an ornamental rather than functional part of a building.

How to Use Bay Windows in Modern Homes

The goal of a bay window is to enhance the quantity of natural light that can enter the interior by increasing the surface area of the wall.
Many people prefer them because they make the interior of the space appear larger.

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