How to Cover a Broken Window Temporarily

It’s unfortunate, but one day your window could be perfectly fine and the next there is a crack in it. When this occurs, you will likely be stressing out about what you should do to cover it up. This panic will only set in more if you are in a position where a storm is brewing. While your window can be repaired temporarily to keep rain and other elements out of your home, you need to know how to do it.

What should you do when it comes to fixing a broken window? While you shouldn’t do these things expecting to fix it permanently, you do want to do them as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to your home before a glass replacement or window glass repair can be organised.

Temporary Fix For Cracked Glass

If your windows have seen better days and they now have a crack in them, there are certain things that you can do to keep the crack from spreading. You need to seal things off to keep your home from having cold air creep in. One good option that you could consider doing is covering it with transparent shellac. That way, you can fill in the crack enough. That being said, this process isn’t going to be quick because you will need to continually add more layers once the older ones dry up. For larger cracks, you will need to use glue to fill them in properly. Along with this, you will need to layer them on top of dry layers to get everything sufficiently covered. Thus, this is likely to be very time-consuming for you. You will need your windows to be clean before attempting to do this.

Another good and quick fix that you can use is to use clear packing tape to do the job. You should be applying this tape on both sides of the window for a proper seal. This is only going to work for windows where you can access both sides. Because you will be relying on tape that isn’t meant to be used on windows, it’s not likely to be the most reliable solution when you are dealing with rain, snow, or humid conditions. However, it is a decent quick fix that you can attempt which should give you some coverage while you wait for a better repair.

Temporary Fix For Shattered Glass

When you are dealing with an issue where your window was shattered, you will want to ensure that you are equipped with the right protective gear for your eyes. Likewise, you should also be wearing gloves to keep from cutting your hands. One of the best things you can do to remedy the problem quickly is placing heavy-duty two-ply trash bags on the window that is shattered and taping it to the frame. This way, you will be able to keep the shattered glass from dropping and being dangerous to be around. Keep in mind, this is only a temporary fix while you wait to decide what to do with the repair or replacement.

No matter what, you’ll need to call a professional eventually. You’ll need to call a repair specialist if you want to keep your current window. Luckily, you can call on Primal Glass Replacement if you want the most professional help. You won’t find a window problem we can’t solve.

Boardup - cover windows temporarily

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