Cost of WIndow Glass Repairs

Cost of Window Glass Replacement

Have you got a broken window which needs to be repaired? The cost of window glass replacement can vary depending on various factors. Knowing what influences the costs can help you budget for the repairs or replacement.

The rate for window glass repairs can range range from $150 all the way up to $2000.

The cost for a standard sized window is usually $150 to $300 depending on access.

A standard sized door glass replacement can range from $550 to $800.

For starters, the glass pane size is one of the primary factors determining the cost, but it is the least significant factor. When replacing the glass, always go for safety glass that meets the minimum Australian Standards as stipulated by Australian Law. Laminated and Toughened glass lowers the risk of accidents and potential injuries.

Replacing the glass on a window with an old wooden frame can be expensive than on an aluminium frame. The process entails removing the old glazier’s puy and points to allow for the safe removal of the old glass for the new replacement.

In some situations, replacing the glass on an old double-hung wooden framed window or sash might face several hiccups. In some cases, the timber might be rotting, which is not uncommon with aged, under-maintained wood. Fixing the rotting timber frame can, in some circumstances, be done on-site. But the repairs will necessitate taking the window frame to a workshop for comprehensive assessment and repair.

Windows might stick inside the frame because of different reasons. Often, the problem is not that complicated to correct, but in a worst-case scenario, the window and framing must be removed and replaced.

The labour for the glass replacement is mainly the biggest factor contributing to the cost, the prices fluctuating depending on where it is a major or minor job. Overall, most small jobs tend to cost more because the service provider considers factors like travel time and makes work longer than larger jobs.

Emergency Glass Repairs

The cost for emergency glass replacement can increase the cost significantly. Expect to pay a premium if you need the glass replacement done immediately or if you need it done on a weekend or afterhours.

• Finding a reliable service provider at a moment’s notice can be challenging.

• The emergency service provider might not have the necessary tools or equipment to handle a large window and will have to come back later to handle the job.

• Call out charge disparities from one service provider to the other and can range from $100 to $600.

How Long Can The Glass Repair Or Replacement Take?

From an expert standpoint, it depends on the size of the glass door or window. A standard door takes roughly an hour to fix, and an accessible aluminium window takes about 45 minutes. It could take longer if the window requires a ladder to access or if it is located in a narrow space.

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