Fluted Glass

Fluted Glass

Fluted Glass Fluted glass is distinguished by vertical grooves.It is also known as ribbed or textured glass, and it is quite popular among architects and interior designers who want to add texture to a living room while filtering light and providing seclusion. How is it Made? Fluted glass is made by pressing semi-molten glass between […]

Tempered Glass

toughened glass

Toughened Glass Window or door glass which have the potential for human impact are legally required contain safety glass. Toughened Glass is one of the most common types of safety glass available.Toughened glass, often known as tempered glass, is stronger and safer than conventional glass.Tempering alters the qualities of the glass such that if it […]

Float Glass

float glass

Float Glass Float glass is a sheet of glass formed by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, most commonly tin, though lead and other low-melting-point alloys have been employed in the past. This approach produces a sheet with a uniform thickness and very smooth surfaces. The majority of float glass is soda-lime […]

Crown Glass

crown glass

Crown or Bullseye Glass Crown glass, which was invented in the 1320s, is considered to be one of the earliest types of glass production. Crown glass, also known as Bullseye glass, is ideal for adding decorative accents to doors, windows and cabinets. As a glazing material, it can be used to completely enclose openings and […]

Low Iron Glass

low iron glass

Low Iron Glass Low-iron glass eliminates the greenish hue associated with regular float glass due to its decreased iron content and transmits more light and has a crystal-clear appearance. How is low Iron Glass Made? Low-iron glass is manufactured from low-iron silica sand and has a ferric oxide content of.01 percent, compared with typical float […]

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass  Frosted glass can also be used to improve privacy within your house or business. It scatters and diffuses light but has no discernible effect on illumination. How does frosted glass get its frosted appearance? Sandblasting or acid etching clear sheet glass produces frosted glass. This results in a pitted surface on one side […]

What is Smart Glass

smart glass

What is Smart Glass Smart glass, also known as electronically switchable glass, provides architects and interior designers with new ways to manage light, glare, and UV radiation. In general, the glass transitions from transparent to translucent and vice versa, allowing light to pass through while blocking particular wavelengths of light. Watch this video on YouTube […]

Powder Coating on Glass

Powder Coating on Glass & Windows Powder coating on glass is a subset of traditional powder coating, which is the technique of applying electrostatically charged, dry powdered particles of pigment and resin to the surface of a solid item. Can You Powder Coat Glass? It’s common to powder coat aluminium window and door frames but […]

AS1288 Glass & Glazing Standards

AS1288-2006 Glass & Glazing Standards This is a summary of the AS1288:2006 glass selection and installation standards provided by the AGGA (AWA).The purpose of the fact sheet is to provide a reference for glaziers to use when they are onsite. The summary includes the following information – Standard Glass Thickness Requirements Safety Glass Requirements Marking […]

Why Spontaneous Glass Breakage Occurs And How To Prevent It

Spontaneous glass breakage

Why Spontaneous Glass Breakage Occurs And How To Prevent It Can a glass door shatter by itself? It sure can!. Over the years, we’ve received emergency glass replacement calls from shocked homeowners who have reported a strange, frightening, and potentially dangerous issue: door glass that appears to “explode” spontaneously into small pieces for no apparent […]