Fluted Glass

Fluted Glass

Fluted glass is distinguished by vertical grooves.
It is also known as ribbed or textured glass, and it is quite popular among architects and interior designers who want to add texture to a living room while filtering light and providing seclusion.

How is it Made?

Fluted glass is made by pressing semi-molten glass between metal rollers to create a unique design which offers visual appeal to applications while also improving privacy through modest light shifting.

When Was Fluted Glass Popular

Fluted glass was popular in the 1920s  throughout the Art Deco era, and it was frequently used in interior design with wall sconces and pendants.

Recently, internal windows with fluted glass are making a strong comeback and has been very popular with Sydney home owners.

Is Reeded Glass the Same as Fluted Glass?

Yes, fluted glass is also known as reeded glass and ribbed glass. All types are considered to be a type of textured glass and is a great alternative to frosted glass for internal doors and windows.

Is Fluted Glass Expensive?

The price of fluted glass depends on the style, thickness and size. In general, you can expect to pay 50% more for fluted glass when compared with regular annealed glass.