Frosted Glass

 Frosted glass can also be used to improve privacy within your house or business. It scatters and diffuses light but has no discernible effect on illumination.

How does frosted glass get its frosted appearance?

Sandblasting or acid etching clear sheet glass produces frosted glass.
This results in a pitted surface on one side of the glass pane, which makes the glass translucent by scattering the light that passes through, blurring pictures while still transmitting light.

Is frosted glass more expensive than ordinary glass?

Yes, frosted glass is around 20% more expensive than ordinary glass.


How much light does frosted glass allow in?

Frosted glass coatings allow light to pass through while distorting pictures for privacy.
Although frosted glass enables a good amount of light to pass through, the design and texture of the glass naturally shut out some of the light.

What is the difference between frosted and obscure glass?

Obscure glass is a category name for any sort of glass that has low transparency.
Frosted glass, identified by its white opaque frosting, provides this capacity to restrict visibility through the glass.


What is frosted glass used for?

The use of frosted glass for bathroom windows will allow adequate natural light while concealing the view from outside.
However, the use is not restricted to windows and may even be extended to sliding bathroom doors or shower screens.
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