Low Iron Glass

low iron glass

Low-iron glass eliminates the greenish hue associated with regular float glass due to its decreased iron content and transmits more light and has a crystal-clear appearance.

How is low Iron Glass Made?

Low-iron glass is manufactured from low-iron silica sand and has a ferric oxide content of.01 percent, compared with typical float glass which has 10x that amount.
This is significant because it allows for better colour neutrality, more natural light, and crisp edges.

Is low Iron Glass More Expensive?

Yes, compared with ordinary glass, you should expect to pay 3x more for low iron glass. Currently, you can get ordinary float glass for $43 per sqm while low iron glass is $150 per sqm.

Uses for Low Iron Glass

The glass can be used practically anyplace ordinary float glass is used, especially where increased visible light, reduced solar transmission, and a crystal-clear look are required.
When the colour of glass needs to disappear to highlight an application or decorative treatment, low-iron glass is perfect.
Displays, internal doors and partitions, railings, floors, staircases, surfaces, shower enclosures, table tops, and any other surface which will benefit from a high clarity glass.

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David Chahine

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