Hush Glass

Hush Glass

What is Hush Glass Hush Glass is a type of acoustic glass made by joining two sheets of glass with a acoustic interlayer specifically designed to dampen noise and outperforms ordinary glass in terms of sound insulation.  What are the Benefits of Hush Glass? Hush glass can be used in place of standard glass to […]

Flashed Glass

Flashed Glass Flashed glass, also known as flash glass, is a form of glass made by layering one or more thin layers of colourful glass over a colourless base.This is accomplished by blowing a piece of melted glass of one colour into another piece of melted glass of a different colour. How to Tell Glass […]

Venetian Glass

venetian glass

Venetian Glass Venetian glass is created in Venice, which on the islands of Murano near the city for several centuries and this is the reason Venetian glass is also called Murano Glass. It’s traditionally formed of soda-lime “metal,” and it’s usually ornately ornamented with a variety of “hot” glass-forming techniques, as well as gilding, enamelling, […]

Glass Blowing

glass blowing

Glass Blowing Glass blowing is a technique for shaping glass that has been used by humans since the 1st century B.C.The process is inflating molten glass with a blowpipe to create a glass bubble that may be sculpted into functional or decorative glasses. For millennia, glass has been one of the most important materials in […]

Quadruple Glazing

Quadruple Glazing Quadruple glazing is a type of insulated glazing that consists of four glass panes with a low emissivity coating and an insulating gas in the voids between them.A subclass of multipane glazing systems is quadruple glazing.Commercially available multipane glazing with up to six panes. By reducing heating and cooling demand, multipane glazing enhances […]

Stained Glass

stained glass

Stained Glass The word stained glass refers to both the substance of coloured glass and the artwork made from it. Throughout its thousand-year existence, the phrase has almost exclusively been given to the windows of churches and other notable religious buildings. Watch this video on YouTube How is Stain Glass Made? Stained glass is formed […]

Low-E Glass

low E Glass

Low-E Glass Low-E glass has a microscopically thin, transparent layer that reflects long-wave infrared energy and is much thinner than a human hair (or heat). Short-wave solar infrared light is reflected by several low-e materials. During the winter, when the inside heat energy tries to escape to the colder outside, the low-e coating reflects the […]

Laminated Glass

laminated glass

Laminated Glass Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that is highly versatile and can be utilised in a variety of applications including windows, doors and tabletops.It consists of two pieces of glass joined by a polyvinyl butryal interlayer.Since the glass is adhered to the interlayer, it does not shatter into dangerous shards so […]

Beveled Glass

Bevelled Glass

Beveled Glass Beveled glass is often created by cutting an angled surface around the full edge of thick glass.In sunlight, bevels behave as prisms, causing intriguing colour diffraction that both accentuates the glass work and provides a spectrum of colours that would otherwise be absent in clear float glass. Uses for Bevelled Glass Beveled glass […]

Plate Glass

plate glass

Plate Glass Plate Glass was the original method of producing completely flat glass for windows and mirrors. The method consisted of pouring molten glass onto flat metal tables and rolling it flat before cooling.   Watch this video on YouTube History of Plate Glass Plate glass was initially created in France in the 17th century. […]