Flashed Glass

flashed glass

Flashed glass, also known as flash glass, is a form of glass made by layering one or more thin layers of colourful glass over a colourless base.
This is accomplished by blowing a piece of melted glass of one colour into another piece of melted glass of a different colour.

How to Tell Glass Has Been Flashed

While a piece of glass with flashed on colours may appear to be solid red or cranberry through and through, it actually has a light coating of bright colour over the plain old clear glass.

How Is Flash Glass Made?

True flashed glass was created by immersing a piece of transparent glass in a molten glass slurry to coat it in a crimson coating.
Since red glass is formed with gold oxide, which raises the cost of production, that sort of ware was created to simulate red or cranberry glass at a reduced cost.

As most people associate stained glass with leaded glass (such as that used in church windows or Tiffany lamps), many antique dealers and collectors now refer to the technique of staining a piece red or cranberry as flashed on colour.

What is Ruby Flash Glass?

Ruby Flash glass is a type of pattern glass that has been embellished.
It was popular in the United States from the 1890s through the late 1920s.
The glass was coated with a copper sulphide chemical solution and baked in a kiln, resulting in a brilliant red coating.

What is Cranberry Flash Glass?

Cranberry glass, often known as “Gold Ruby,” is a red glass created by mixing gold salts or colloidal gold into molten glass.
The glass is mostly utilised in high-end decorations.

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