Replacing entire window vs just the glass

Replacing Entire Window VS Replacing Glass Only

While it is entirely fine to fix a broken window by just replacing the glass, there are some circumstances where it is simply better to just replace the entire window. 

Glass Only Replacement

If you have a window frame that remains which is less than 10 years old, but there are problems with the glass only, you will more than likely only need a window glass repair. Typically, a homeowner will go this route if there is broken glass within the sash, or they often notice condensation within the panes themselve.

In most cases, we perceive a glass-only replacement job to be a temporary fix, unless your window frames are relatively new and you just have broken glass within the sash, or you have single pane windos that are historic in nature.

If your window frames are on the newer side, it is possible to hire a specialist in glass repair known as a glazier who can put new glass in for you. If you have the name of your window’s manufacturer, you might get in touch with the company to determine if your glass is covered by warranty.

Replacing Entire Window

If your frames are over 10 years old and you are interested in a durable, lasting repair, replacing the entire window is often the best course of action. In addition to having energy efficient glass installed, you can also add an efficient frame to the mix. Most people do not realize it, but much of a window’s level of efficiency stems from the type of framing it features. Poor quality framing can produce undue amounts of heat and cold transfer, and it can also be vulnerable to excessive expansion and contraction that creates leaks. These factors can produce foggy windows that are unsightly to say the least. Simply replacing glass under such a scenario may help in the short-term, but the fix will not endure, as the underlying problem has yet to be addressed.

Of course, replacing a full window instead of just the glass tends to cost more. But, if you are seeking a long-term solution and enhanced energy efficiency, it makes good sense to do so. Check to make certain that the replacement windows you choose feature a high quality warranty to guard against repair costs in the future.

When It Makes Little Sense To Save Windows

If you have windows on which the seal is no longer functional, full replacement is warranted. While it is often possible to defog problem windows, the issue is almost certain to recur if replacement is not undertaken. A broken seal is detectable when condensation forms within the panes, causing a foggy appearance.

When a window’s muntins (also known as mullions) are cracked or broken, a full window replacement is also wise.

Those with wood windows should pursue full replacement work whenever rot is noticed. While patching may be used to address small areas of rot, more serious issues will certainly compromise the integrity of the entire unit.

If your home features windows that have reached the end of their normal expected lifespan, replacing them once there is an issue with the glass can produce financial savings more rapidly than if you wait.

When your budget windows demonstrate little or no ability to guard against the cold in winter or the heat in summer, it is time to seek out more efficient replacement windows that can keep your home more comfortable and provide notable savings on energy bills.

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David Chahine

David has over 5 years experience providing glass repair and replacement and is also the owner of Primal Glass Replacement

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