different types of doors

Different Types of Doors

From basic hinged doors to contemporary stackers, selecting the right kind of door will impact the looks and functionality of your home. As the owner of Primal Glass Replacement, I’ve performed countless door glass replacement and repairs on a wide range of different types of doors during my career so will do my best to help explain the differences between each one to help you select a door that looks appealing and is practical.

Hinged doors

Whenever you think about a door, the kind which will most commonly come to mind is the hinged door.

A hinged door is comprised of a hollow-cored door or panel made of solid wood that attaches to a door jamb and has two hinges or more. Extra hinges are usually needed to support doors that are taller, and for heavier doors sturdier hinges are necessary.

hinged door

Bi-fold doors

This type of door is opened by folding it back into sections or panels. Bi-fold doors offer a small concertina-lie effect to allow careful and outstanding use of the space that is available, which creates a bigger entry into an area or room.

French doors

French doors are hinged doors that are normally found in pairs. They are made with light wood joinery framing and big panels or glass or another type of transparent material. They allow lots of light into a room and offer an unobstructed, nice view of the outdoors.

They are very popular due to being able to open up an area and create a large exit or entry. There are significant variations in french doors in terms of the materials they are made out of as well as their size.

Dutch doors or stable doors

Half doors, stable doors, or Dutch doors, are doors that are divided in a way that the bottom half can stay closed while the top half is open. They were called double-hung doors in early New England.

For several different situations, Dutch doors are a very convenient solution. For example, to provide your kitchen with a serving area or for controlling small children or pets.

dutch door

Stacker doors

These are functional doors that work by two panels sliding in the back of one fixed pane. As one of the panels is sliding past the other, they interlock and then continue to slide in the direction of the fixed pane. This results in the panels effectively collecting one another and then rest in a way that they are ‘stacked.’

Stacker doors provide houses with huge openings, which allows you to effectively open up a whole wall to either the yard or a different area of the home.


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are comprised of a single panel that is attached to two hangers that are on rollers and slide across a track. The door opens when the panel slides back and forth. There are both single and double types of sliding doors, depending on your personal preferences, the amount of space you have, and necessity.

Sliding doors make great use of space and provide much bigger entryways compared to regular hinged doors. There are also pocket sliding doors that conceal the doors inside of a wall cavity.


sliding door

Tilt doors

This is a kind of garage door. Tilt doors are comprised of one big panel that is attached to two hinges. There are various hinges on top of the door on both the right and left sides.

Hinged tilt doors are often used in sheds and garages. They provide a cost-effective and simple way to produce an accessible and large opening.

tilt door

Roller doors

This type of door is usually found in sheds and garages. Roller doors are comprised of a corrugated steel curtain. When it is lifted up, it rolls up at the door of the roller door. Usually, rollers take up less space compared to tilt doors due to how they work. They are often automated as well.

Security screen doors

This type of door is comprised of mesh and a metal frame. It is installed on the outside of a front door. Security screen doors can be sliding doors or hinged doors.

Security screen doors provide extra sunlight and ventilation when they are needed as well as an added layer of security to your front door.

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